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Organize Your Garage Space with Rubbermaid Fast Track

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Organize your garage
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If you were to open your garage door to a potential home buyer or your landlord, would you be embarrassed? If you are like most households, your garage is unorganized chaos. Perhaps it started out organized with items neatly in totes on shelves, but then you accumulated ‘stuff’. Now you can organize your garage with Rubbermaid’s FastTrack Garage Organization System.



I am featuring the FastTrack 6-pice Kit. It takes items off the ground and away from leaning in corners and hangs them up on 32″ rails. Also available in a 5-piece kit, 8-piece kit and individual add-ons and hooks.


It is easy to install and hooks fit lose so you can position them how you need whether you are hanging the handles of lawn accessories and tools or bikes and chairs. It is a steel construction and can hold 1,750 pounds. This is great because you can get that large ladder, lawn trimmer and other heavy items up and out of the way with ease.


Visit Rubbermaid FastTrack to get your garage organized and locate these products near you or order online from retailers like Amazon and others ad of course at http://www.rubbermaid.com

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