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Hip Chick Farms Organic Poultry Products

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Chef Jen is passionate about creating food that incorporates only the freshest, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. This is why she took her well-loved homemade chicken fingers and other organic poultry creations and packaged them for all to enjoy a cleaner meal.

hip chicken

Whether you eat the products cooked as is or use them to add to dishes you can feel good about the chicken and turkey you are eating. Hip Chick Farms products are:

  • Organic and/or Anti-biotic free
  • Humanely certified by an independent certified agency
  • Transparently sourced
  • 100% All-natural
  • Free of fillers, preservatives, and stabilizers

Available products are at Kroger and Co-Op stores, but make sure to visit their store locator to find specific retailers near you.

Enjoy Anthony’s full video review below and learn more:

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