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Oral Cancer Awareness: 13 Facts About Oral Cancer

I have partnered with Great Expressions Dental Centers for this feature

April is Oral Cancer Awareness month and I am honoring this topic with Great Expressions Dental Centers. In 2018, an estimated 51,540 people will contract oral cancer and an estimated 10,030 people will die as a result, says the American Cancer Society. Is that eye opening for you? It was for me!

If you have a Great Expressions Dental Center near you did you know that they will be giving all patients in April complimentary oral ID screenings, a two-minute exam that aids in catching oral cancer at early stages?

Enjoy these Oral Cancer Fast Facts below!

Oral Cancer Awareness: 15 Facts About Oral Cancer

Do you still smoke/chew tobacco?

10,000! It’s time to become aware!

I had no idea!

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