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Is an Online Nutrition Membership Right for You

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Many people spend monthly dues on gym and trainer memberships. However, we are in an online world and so many times we can use the internet to gain a lot of knowledge and have real time accessibility to people and information. I have paid as much as $120 a month and all I get is access to exercise equipment and classes that are never offered at times that work best for me. Getting healthy requires a lot more than gym time, it is all inclusive. Healthy changes require diet, motivation, new shopping habits, challenges, routines and accountability.

I may pay a lot to a club but no one cares if I never go. Plus, I have a son who can’t come with me so that limits when I can even go. So, I heard about an online nutrition membership by Nutrition Journey that combines one-on-one personalization and 24/7 access from anywhere including while you travel. With Nutrition Journey you get a whole lot more than a key access to some exercise equipment. It is about total health.


Nutrition Journey is founded by Anna Baker. She suffered from her own health problems until she used proper diet and lifestyle changes to improve her health. Within her own nutrition journey she recognized the lack of an effective and realistic client-nutritionist relationship at any time of day that fits all lifestyles. Nutrition Journey was born so you can pay just one monthly fee and have access to so many services. It will cost you more than a gym membership. However, it is about total health and the services offered to you with your membership are life changing.


Nutrition Journey is for you if you need to lose weight, were recently diagnosed with a chronic illness, have certain food allergies or are wanting to switch to a plant-based diet, have high cholesterol, want to learn how to read food labels and shop smart, need motivation and accountability in changing your health habits, don’t know where to start in creating a health plan and I can go on and on.

Nutrition Journey Plans and Services

  • Online or Office Personalized Concierge Nutrition Program (2/4or 6 months): customized meal plans, education and support, improve eating habits, expert advise and guidance from anywhere you are, health & fitness evaluation, comprehensive nutrition assessment, (4) customized 2-week meal plans, (3) bi-weekly private online appointments, ongoing health coaching and motivation. Total cost for the 2 month plan is $420 or $210 a month. In office plans available for about $35 more a month. You save per month with a 4 month plan and even more with 6 months.
  • Long Nutrition Consult: 1 on 1 meeting to access your current nutrition status and nutrition supplements introduction. Gather your total health habits and create a starting plan with an overview on Nutrition Journey’s right plan for you. Cost $120 and if you decide on a service afterwards, you get an $80 credit. Shorter consults available at $70 with a $50 program credit.
  • Quintessential Pantry Assessment & Kitchen Makeover: learn how to shop, kitchen revamp with newly bought meals and snacks and in less than 5 hours ( or divided into 2 days), learn best way to store foods, learn tricks to extend food shelf life, how to utilize leftovers, get a health evaluation on your current food inventory. Complete set-up, food and lessons $500 with $120 credit if you decide a plan. For an extra $100 and some extra time you can add on cooking lessons with your package
  • 2-Hour Shopping Lesson: learn how to read nutrition labels, disect packaging labels, learn common claims and myths. Get the tips to shop any store and be cost-effective while shopping healthy. Cost $225 with $50 credit if you subscribe to a program.
  • Body Composition Analysis: body composition assessment and report. Body fat, Lean Mass, Body Water, BMR and get average daily calorie requirement. Cost $60 with $30 credit if you subscribe to a program


Whether you need to learn how to eat healthy, lose weight, get an overall health change or even learn to shop, Nutrition Journey will guide you. You can also shop their full line of supplements at great prices. Shop supplements now and head to Nutrition Journey to find a plan that is right for you.

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Elizabeth O.

It sounds like an awesome alternative to people who can’t really go out often because they’re managing the house and taking care of the kids. I really think it’s a nice option and it makes life convenient for us moms! Hope everything works great!

Annemarie LeBlanc

Thank you for letting me know about this. I have vowed to practice healthy eating/living and I am starting on my journey right now. I love all these services they offer with a membership! I am going to read more and probably take this into consideration.

Nikki Wayne

I haven’t heard of this before. This is very convenient, I will share this post with my friends.

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

Sign me up, please! I am so very busy these days that I no longer have the time to hit the gym like I used to.

Julie Syl Kalungi

Sounds like a great alternative to busy people or those who are not as mobile. Total Health I lie the sound of that!

Lisa Rios

Nutrition Journey is pretty new for me, but sounds like a greats service that could come handy to many in making lifestyle changes to improve the health. The Plans and Services are quiet amazing and I am going to check it out!


I’m one who doesn’t like being seen at the gym, so this is actually an excellent idea to get started at home.

Mardene Carr

If you are disciplined then anything online will work for you. However if you are not, it is best to stick with the traditional ways