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On the go living with ROVE eco-friendly products

This is a promotional post for ROVE

We are the generation that is on-the-go! We eat fast, we never rest and we improvise in ways never dreamed of decades ago! With a busy lifestyle, comes products and more products and we have stuff! Many of it is just stuff that is waste and when we have waste, we have a planet hurting. It escalates and it will only get worse with time. If we all just stopped and found 1 product we use daily and buy that product from a sustainable company who will not have produced waste manufacturing it or a product that is eco-friendly, we make a footprint towards a healthier planet. I love promoting brands that offer such useful products in an eco-friendly, sustainable way! ROVE is a brand that fits that description. The products ROVE provides are ones we use daily! 

7 piece laptop iced Bistro Lunch Box by rove®

  • Easy to use lunch on-the-go
  • Eco-friendly
  • Multi-compartment laptop lunch box
  • Keeps food cold and fresh for hours
  • BPA-free. durable polyprophylene
  • hinged lid with carrying handle
  • Non-toxic removable freezer gel pack
  • Built-in reusable fork and spoon
  • 2 triangular packs and one solo pack so you have the compartments you need
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe & microwaveable
  • Available in blue, green. pink and white
I love all of the ways you can pack a lunch. Keep microwave food separate and all I have to do is pull that compartment and heat it up! I can store lettuce, dressing and the toppings can stay separate until ready to eat. Great for work lunches, picnics or travel.

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20 Ounce Double Wall Flavor Infuser Tumbler by rove®

  • Infuse cold drinks on the go making your water healthier
  • Add frozen fruits, flavored ice or fresh herbs to removable flavor pod
  • Flavor pod is large and top loading for easy refilling
  • Double wall insulated to keep drinks cold & minimized condensation
  • Dual access lid to sip through mouthpiece or included straw
  • Silicone-sealed twist on lid so no big spills
  • Protective sleeve for your hands
  • Eco-friendly

Even my 6 year old loves this mug! His favorite is when I add cucumber or watermelon to his water. He is not a good water drinker and neither am I. Because I can naturally flavor it, I drink more water and no unhealthy additives are needed. Just fresh fruits and herbs!
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14 ounce double wall hot & cold hydration mug by rove

  • Holds Hot & Cold beverages
  • Sip from anywhere around the one-touch push open lid
  • One touch leak-proof seal for between sips
  • Double wall insulation to keep beverages hot/cold longer
  • Eco-responsible
I cannot believe the price of this mug compared to brands that work as well. This is by far the best valued mug I have owned!
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The brand is sustainable and eco-friendly. They offer so much more than the above products and the price cannot be beat for its quality! Great gift idea that I highly recommend!

Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided samples. All opinions are 100% my own

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Jojo Vito

Wow, these look like an amazing set of products. I like these containers, they are so functional and clean looking.