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Office Depot reminds you that your child’s teacher needs support #TeachersChangeLives

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Office Depot changing lives
As a daughter of a school teacher, I have spent years watching my Mom spend her own income on so many items for her classroom and students. Please read this post and learn how you can donate to deserving teachers or even ways you can help support your own child’s teacher……..
Office Depot plays a great role in the lives of teachers. My Mom teaches 3rd grade and I know she always looks forward to that day in August that Office Depot dedicates to teachers. It is a promotion that many of her fellow teachers flock towards for huge savings as they prepare their classroom for the year. Fo years, my Mom has relied on Office Depot to save money. While you moan over your child’s class supply list in August, just think of the length of items needed that your child’s teacher has to purchase for multiple students! I have seen my Mom come home on Holidays and end-of-year celebrations with many gifts and probably the best gifts I have seen her get are school and classroom art supplies! She feels in heaven when a student’s family provide her with items she would have had to buy herself!
What sort of items are your child’s teacher providing from his or her own pocket? What items can you gift at the end of the year or holidays to support that teacher? Let me name a few…..
folders, binders, cabinets, storage containers, books for the classroom, rugs, decor, hanging files, plastic bins, name tags or desk tags for students, decorative chairs, filing organizers, pencil sharpeners (ones provided are always used and worn), holiday decorations, classroom calendars, items for rewards or ‘treasure chests’ for students, stickers, extra kleenex, dividers baby wipes, extra supplies for students, peechees, composition books, folders, spiral notebooks, hand sanitizer, posters, party supplies to name a few! That is overwhelming on an already constricted budget!
How is Office Depot helping?

One way is the #TeachersChangeLives campaign. In this campaign, Office Depot brings you a portal to all things teachers need. You can donate to a teacher such as the one in the video below or find a teacher listed from your local community. Teachers can register their classroom to be on the donation list! This is another great way to help-by sharing this link with a teacher in your life! 
What Estella Pyfrom is doing is brilliant. But her funds are running out! She is relying on #TheachersChangeLives campaign for help. She brings technology to the schools that cannot afford it. To not have up-to-date technology these days is a dire situation. It really is a struggle because these kids are growing up in a world so dependent on technology. Estella’s story is one of many you will want to hear…..
Adopt-A-Classroom is a nonprofit organization that helps promote a more enriched learning environment by teaming donors up with teachers. Besides the supply list above, teachers are expected to stay up to date on the latest testings. In Washington State, we have the ‘Smarter Balance’ State testing happening. It is difficult to keep up when classrooms are in desperate need of laptops and newer technology for the kids. Many districts don’t have the money or ability to even refurbish their piles of problem computers they have. Adopt-A-Classroom and Office Depot have teamed up to bring more awareness to school’s needs and those who can help.
I’d love to hear your thoughts! How will you Thank your child’s teacher at the end of the year? Will you use some of the ideas I mentioned above as a gift option? Do you know a teacher who needs help?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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5 thoughts on “Office Depot reminds you that your child’s teacher needs support #TeachersChangeLives”

  1. All year, every year, my grandkids that live with me, I take a huge bag of things for the teacher, all the holidays. When I make goodie bags for the kids the teacher gets the biggest one. I stock up on school supplies during the summer and can donate all year without too much out of pocket. I send in Kleenex every week or so also.

  2. I usually give my teachers potted flowers at the end of the year with a pot my kids have decorated. I love your ideas though! I do not support Office Depot because of some of the stands they take, but I could do it with Staples or other stores! Thanks for linking up with the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board!

  3. I like that Office Depot is helping teachers. I know the teachers in our area can always use the extra help. I usually take extra snacks for the classroom and things like disinfectant wipes.

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