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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month on 3sonshavei

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As we head into September, I wanted to alert my readers that I will be working hard to change the focus for October to a month of Domestic Violence Awareness. Those who know me understand how important this topic is to me.

Look for some education, awareness campaigns, donation opportunities, personal stories, giveaways and even a Q&A I will have done with Author Austin James. His book titled: Emotional Abuse, Silent Killer of Marriage has been such an important resource for me. This book opened my eyes and was the best self-help I have come across. Even 9 years later, discovering Austin’s book has changed me. He has been an excellent communicator. You will enjoy my Q&A session that is not just meant for those who have experienced abuse, but is for anyone in a relationship.

Be ready to become enlightened, engaged and connected to the topic of Domestic Violence.

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10 thoughts on “October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month on 3sonshavei”

  1. I am anxiously awaiting all that you have planned on this very important {but yet not openly talked about} subject. Domestic Violence Awareness is very dear to my heart, and will be making sure to be reading and sharing your resources/thoughts.

  2. I used to work at the St. Atty Office and hated these cases. So many times people were stuck in these relationships because there was no place to go and they had kids to feed. This is something I would love to see more done for to help the victims.

  3. I am a big supporter of domestic violence awareness. I am a survivor and it was a very long, painful, scary road. I am thankful that there are places out there that are available to help the victims. When I went through it there was very little awareness and even less resources.

  4. I would love to work together with you during this event! I lived through domestic violence as a young child and didn't escape it until I was 17. My little brothers did as well. I still suffer from the effects of what I went through 🙁 Domestic Violence can cause lasting effects that hard to overcome.

    If you don't mind – Email me at and we can chat more! I'll make October Domestic Violence Month on My Kind Of Introduction as well!

    I'm 100% serious about joining forces during this event! I hope to hear from you soon!

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