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Oboz Sawtooth Low BDry Hiking Shoe #HolidayGiftGuide

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I live in the beautiful Pacific NW and my husband and I have never hiked any of our local trails. It’s a shame because we are nestled below Stevens Pass of the Cascade Mountains and are surrounded by trails. Soccer season ends soon and we wanted a weekend activity so we are preparing to hit some local trails for some healthier living. We are well aware we will need quality, waterproof and weather-friendly clothing and shoes. With Oboz Footwear my feet won’t be bothered by the wet, marshy terrain.


I have the Oboz Women’s Sawtooth Low BDry shoe and it does its job keeping my feet dry. We recently had my son’s soccer game in a marshy field after a downpour and I was glad I had my Oboz to wear. Between walking across the field and sitting under an umbrella for the game, my feet were dry the entire time.


Not only does it work to keep my feet dry, it has traction unlike any shoe I have owned. They will serve me well on the trails. It is very comfortable to wear.

After my son’s soccer game we needed to stop into the grocery store. While in line a lady tapped my shoulder and asked what shoes I was wearing. She says she has a hard time finding quality shoes and boots that are actually comfortable and she saw these on my feet and said they look so comfortable to her. I gave her the name of this Oboz Sawtooth BDry shoe and she was excited to go find some for herself. I already had fallen in love with this shoe and to be stopped by a stranger while wearing them solidified this shoe shows quality.


The BFit Deluxe Insole stabilizes arches, protects high-impact zones, and costs nothing extra. They mold this heel counter, making it extra durable against collapse. These are the mineral color and it also comes in violet. They will cost you about $135 and worth that value!


Oboz Footwear has selections for men and women. Each shoe has one of tree of their highly supportive insoles. You’ll get a best fit and less friction inside the shoe. There is a thin and very lightweight chassis between the bottom and 9 outsole rubber styles. This will help you you get ultimate protection from rocks and stones without added weight to the shoe. They are further designed to keep your foot dry, heel supported and even have technology that makes lacing your shoes easier to lock down for maximum support. Find Oboz shoes in retailers near you and online.

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Katt Lewis

The oboz look awesome! I’d love a pair.


oh wow I need shoes like this so much, and I love these Oboz Sawtooth Low BDry Hiking Shoes! I want them!

Fitness and Health Blog

I love the color of these shoes. They are something I woukd be interested in purchasing especially if I had a hikinh trail close to my house.

Melissa Storms

I really like these boots, especially in that color. They would really work well where I live.