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Nutri Ninja for healthier eating #HolidayGiftGuide

This is a promotional post for Nutri Ninja

Do you want gifts that will help you have a healthier new year? Is a blender on your list this year that can help you create healthy meals and snacks without a large clean up afterwards? Ninja blenders are known for their ability to perfectly make blended foods with blades that are pure power. We all have had experiences with our $20 retail blender that can hardly chop an ice cube. When my Nutri Ninja arrived, I threw out my wimpy kitchen blender. The Nutri Ninja is an all-inclusive healthy option blender. Take your favorite blendable foods and create healthy meals and snacks right in the very cup you blend in. 
The Nutri Ninja Pro Blender is a high performance blender that breaks down fruits and vegetables into delicious and healthy juices that you can blend, place cap and enjoy on the go! The extractor blades are strong and easily crush through ice, seeds, skin and stems to leave a drink of smooth consistency. When done blending, just twist on the sip and seal lids and you are ready to go. Rinse the blade and put the unit up-no additional cleaning needed in the blender itself!
I find it a great way to use up the veggies and fruit before totally going bad. Add your favorite seeds, fruits, veggies, ice and any other ingredients you wish and let the Ninja Pro do its magic! You can also visit the Ninja Kitchen for many healthy and delicious recipes you can make in your Nutri Ninja.
The Nutri Ninja Pro will be a hot holiday item this year. My teen even comes home from school and loves making himself shakes and smoothies as an after school snack. It is so easy even the older kids can operate it with ease. Remember Nutri Ninja products for this years Holiday gift ideas! 
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Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own

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