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NOSO Puffy Patches #HolidayGiftGuide

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NOSO-Puffy-Patches | Parenting Healthy | https://parentinghealthy.com/

Holiday Gift Guide Feature: NOSO Patches

We are celebrating the Holidays with NOSO patches. This is a relatively new brand that has fun patches to help you or your child mend tears in the favorite clothing or to just express your personalities on the apparel you love to wear.

 Repair-clothing-patch | Parenting Healthy | https://parentinghealthy.com/

I have the Bunny Bag set in red-there are 6 color choices. In there are 3 patches- a heart, butterfly and flower. They are a nylon rip stop fabric with a strong press-on adhesive. They are machine washable and dryable.

Heat-activated-patches | Parenting Healthy | https://parentinghealthy.com/

They are easy to use. Simply clean the area with isopropyl alcohol and remove any loose threads by trimming them. Peel the backing off of the patch and apply pressure from the center out over the affected area. Then you tumble dry on low for 15 minutes and press down and move in a slight circular motion for 30 seconds to really set it.

Butterfly-clothing-patch | Parenting Healthy | https://parentinghealthy.com/

I love how they flow with movement. There is no bunching up of the patch once on. You can also find the patches in other shape bundles and color choices such as:

  • Element Bag: start, diamond, sun
  • Hook & Lasso Bag: bull skull, fish, noso logo
  • Stache Bag: mustache, skull, noso logo
  • Wyo Bag: bucking horse &b rider, noso and rectangle
  • Bunny Bag: heart, flower, butterfly

heart-clothing-patch | Parenting Healthy | https://parentinghealthy.com/

NOSO patches are durable and easy to use. These packs make fun stocking stuffers or additions to clothing gifts.

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Visit the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the master gift list-it is updated daily.

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What a cool idea – and super easy!!!

Krystal Bernier

These are neat. My little ones wear out the knees in their pants so quickly, I will have to remember these the next time I do a patch job.

Gladys Parker

Oh, I must try these. They would be perfect for my grandchildren. In fact the older 2 could apply them themselves. I have a granddaughter that is very fussy about anything that touches her, she won’t wear jeans because they “hurt” and she says the same about iron patches. I believe it is the stiffness of them. The flow you describe makes me think she will approve of NOSO brand.


What a really fun idea–and saves people from having to go out and buy new clothes before they have been out grown!


I love this! I think I can also use this to cover up the small holes of my clothes (LOL)!