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Non-GMO Snacks for the Family

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Much more than a review about some bread, this is a Bakerly product review of the most moist and delicious non-GMO snacks that taste like they were delivered fresh from a French bakery. Crepes, croissants, brioches are some of the varieties you can enjoy and made with simple, natural ingredients.

Non-GMO Snacks for the Family

The Bakerly crepes are such a unique snack and come individually wrapped so tossing one in a lunchbox for a fun treat is so easy. These are made without preservative, or artificial colors/flavors. The strawberry flavor is made with only REAL strawberries so they are packed with flavor.

I wish I could virtually give you a piece off of this Bakelry hand-braided brioche! It is so moist and we broke out some good sharp cheddar to grill with this delicious bread.

Bakerly brioche bread, rolls and buns are part of their family line of products. They are delicious toasted or just used as sandwich bread. You will not find any HFCS, preservatives or anything artificial in these breads.

Before we head to a soccer game on weekends, it is important I fill this boys belly so we made brioche grilled cheese and I don’t think we can ever eat a grilled cheese on standard bread again! Like I mentioned before, and because it deserves a second mention, their brioche is incredibly moist!

My local Whole Foods carries the Bakerly line and this is going to be a new stock up bread for us. Short of finding a french bakery I just can’t get over how fresh their products taste in package.

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