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Nomad Key and AirPods Rugged Case for Travelers

Nomad Key and AirPods Rugged Case for Travelers

What did we do years ago when we traveled. We had large cameras around our neck and extra bags to hold batteries and extra film. Then cell phones evolved and became handy cameras for taking photos and if you are not an avid photographer with gear, you are still lugging around cords for charging and bulky chargers.

It was only a matter of time that brands would emerge to make charging our devices and accessories more convenient and NOMAD is full of products that does just that. From charging iPhones to AirPods, you can get your Apple devices stored and charged with less cords and bulk while looking classy!

I love when I can share brands that offer excellent quality. When it comes to our electronics we want the quality and at a great price. Our iPhones cost hundreds (even over a thousand) of dollars these days so we don’t want to spend hundreds on charging pads also.

NOMAD offers great charging accessories at affordable prices and you will see and feel the quality right away. With Mother’s Day approaching, I chose 2 products to feature that Mom will love!

The NOMAD Key is a cable. No more carrying around long cables that take up room, get tangled or even get left behind on hotel rooms. The Key is your cord between your iPhone or iPad and your charger. It includes a key ring so it is with you wherever you go so you always have a backup Lightning cable.

A favorite of mine is the AirPods Rugged Case. When you buy AirPods the case is also the charging unit so protecting it is important. Apple makes their cases slick and modern but slick is also slippery and I always worry I will drop or lose the case I need for my AirPods to charge. Even Apple Insider gave this case a 4.5 out of 5 for Apple product reviews.

Designed to tightly fit your AirPods with our two-piece construction, Rugged Case provides additional drop and scratch protection. It comes in 3 leather shades – black, rustic brown and natural (what I have). This is a case for your Apple case, not a charging unit. This is a must to keep the entire AirPods set up safe when accidentally dropped.

Visit NOMAD to see all of the accessories you can order and gift! If you travel, you will love the selections.

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