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No mess baking with the OvenArt Silicone Bakeware

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Flaking, chemical peeling, stuck-on food, scrubbing…all describe metal pans! Even if you try and bake minimally, there is no way around never using bakeware in your everyday life. I have pans I have scraped and still cannot get whatever the stuck on mess is off of the pan. The more I scrub, the more I visualize my metal pans scratched surface, the more I wonder what chemicals I have aggravated and now could be in our food! Gross! The comes genius-silicone! It can withstand heat, resists the stickiest of foods and has no harmful chemicals so why not make bakeware from it? OvenArt has done just that and I got to try out this OvenArt 12 – Cup Muffin Pan. The Bacon Egg muffins i made slid out with ease and there was not a drop of egg anywhere. I rinsed it in the sink, towel dried it and threw it back in the cupboard for next time! Can you imagine the mess if I made these in my metal pans? Even with muffin cups? No cups here-didn’t need them!
No-mess Bacon Egg Bites
About the OvenArt 12 – Cup Muffin pan
  • Made with 100% high quality European silicone
  • Food slides out effortlessly-non stick
  • Clean up under water with soap or run it in the dishwasher
  • BPA & filler-free
  • No need for cupcake liners or muffin cups
No-mess corn muffins
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