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NO Chimney? No Problem Book & Santa Key Set

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Last year I started a new hobby during the Holidays of collecting Christmas and holiday books. My boys have always gravitated to the book section in my living room as I pull out books packed away the past year so I started collecting as many as I can and it is growing quite well. I will find my youngest just sitting at the pile and looking through the books and it motivates him to read as he keeps his reading journal going through winter break.
Of all books, it is the sets that come with toys, plush or ornaments that get the best attention from him. One of our newest is the book and Santa key set No Chimney? No Problem!
We travel for Christmas so we can be 80 miles away near all family for the 2 straight days we celebrate both sides of our families. My son wakes up to gifts in the hotel room. My Mom is always so sweet to sneak in earlier that day and will decorate so when we arrive my son is so excited to see a small decorated tree and fun decor around the room. We set this up to happen every year now. This story fits in so well with his common question-” How does santa find us in a hotel room and come in?”
If your child has ever asked how Santa arrives in your home or a hotel that has no chimney, this book is so great for them! The key has a function and you will want it available for them to use on Christmas Eve!
Find the book at http://moonjumppress.com/
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