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No Cell Phone Day Children’s Book Review

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I was provided the book for review. No other compensation was given

“Mommy! Daddy! Mommy! Daddy!” Will someone answer him?!! Does this sound familiar? Thanks to cell phones and computers it seems that work now follows us home or perhaps you work at home like I do as a Blogger! That moment when you stand up from the computer and give your child some undivided attention leaves the sweetest look on their face as they anticipate a few moments spent with you. Sad, but we all fall victim to our technology and less time is spent with the proper attention on the kids at times. This is why I jumped at the chance to review No Cell Phone Day by Delfeayo Marsalis. I needed the reminder!
In this book Delfeayo and his daughter spend an entire No Cell Phone Day around down eating and spending time together. What she surprises her Dad with in the end is sweet and what Dad promises to do every year is sweeter! You may recognize the Author’s name as the Grammy award winning producer and Jazz Master. As an author, he is just as entertaining!
This makes a great gift for back to school or the Holidays. Your child will love the possibilities of new traditions you can form in the encouragement to spend more quality time together. 

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