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Ninja Coffee Bar for Dad

I was sent sample for feature

The Ninja Coffee Bar lets you dial your richness level at any size. There are many types of drinks you can get from your Coffee Bar
  • Classic & Rich Brews: Whether you like a classic mug or carafe of coffee or you like to turn it to rich to pair with added milk and flavoring you can get the coffee taste you prefer
  • Over Ice Brew: The richness is turned up even further to compensate for melting ice so you still get enough coffee flavor
  • Specialty Brew: this is the highest concentrated coffee level so you can create custom hot or cold coffee beverages


Auto IQ
Auto IQ One-Touch Intelligence allows you to choose a size and choose a brew level with a touch of a button. It then draws the right amount of water form the reservoir depending on the brew size and type you select.
Thermal Flavor Extraction™ is Ninja’s patent-pending technology combines Precision Water Delivery with calibrated temperature, pre-infusion, coffee saturation and flavor richness to give your coffee its full potential.
I just love the flavor that this coffee bar creates. I like my coffee robust so I always choose the Rich Brew which is a perfect cup because I add milk to my coffee. When you add milk it really cuts the flavor so this option is great for me. My husband drinks black coffee and the classic is perfect for him even with his dark roast varieties. You can use the filter basket or the cone paper filters in which case you would remove the basket to use the filters instead.

I really have not experimented with specialty coffees yet, but I plan to at our next gathering and have some syrups and chocolates out so guests can create their coffees with all the options as they visit. That’s what also makes this coffee bar fun when others can get creative when over to visit.
Visit http://www.ninjakitchen.com/ to get Dad his Ninja Coffee Bar and locate a retailer near you or order online.
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