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nine, ten: A September 11 Story Book for Young Readers

nine, ten: A September 11 Story Book for Young Readers

With another Anniversary approaching on a day we will never forget, this book is a must read for all junior readers. When I was first sent this book and had not read it yet, I was a tad curious. This is a loaded event and to write a junior novel about such a heavy discussion seems hard to do. Would this book be sad? Confusing? Fearful? It had emotions, yes, but it is so well written there is no worry about guided politics, confusion or fear as a result of reading this book.

nine, ten: A September 11 Story follows 4 multicultural teens that live in 4 different parts of the country. It is September 10, 2001 and they are living their separate lives with life issues of their own. Within 24 hours, these kids learned just how small their problems were in the realm of what had just happened around the country. Each found out about the 4 plane crashes in their own ways, each were personally impacted in different ways and each ended up coming full circle in the same place a year later.

nine, ten: A September 11 Story is written by Nora Raleigh Basking and was published in 2016. This is a great time to order as we approach another September 11 on our calendar. Nora is from Connecticut and is the ALA Schneider Award-winning author of Anything But Typical. It is 208 pages and rated for ages 8-12. Order today on Amazon!

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