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NikoBar Protein Bars for Kids #HolidayGiftguide

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I was blessed with an 8 year old who has always been a good eater. This kid loves sushi and spicy salsas. Many things I won’t eat are his favorite foods. With the positives that come with a child who is not a picky eater, comes a child who will eat-anything and often.

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Thank goodness he can eat and it doesn’t seem to pack on as he is very active, but I am very cautious what I have in the home. This way when he grabs a snack it is always an approved snack like NikoBar Protein kids protein bars.

niko kids protein bars

NikoBar Protein Bars for kids are such a fantastic snack choice and my son loves them. Right now he likes to eat one before we leave for his soccer games. On school days he loves them as a recess snack. He has the last lunch of the school so he has a 10:20 recess and lunch is not until 1:10 so it helps tide him over for that long stretch the third graders have until next break.

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NikoBar’s kids protein bars have no HFCS, no trans fats, hydrogenated oils or any synthetic preservatives. The bars are low in sugar, high in protein and are gluten free. The flavors are a lot of fun- Birthday Cake, Candy Cane, Berry Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter & Chocolate.

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See all of the bars and learn more at NikoBar Protein Bars for Kids.

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