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The New Zambezi Brings Extraordinary to Brands We Love

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As a writer of many family and health brands there is nothing worse than writer block. As an Influencer and Blogger I always hear “…how cool it must be to get free stuff to JUST write about a brand…”. I follow many blogs and websites beyond my own and some do just that-a few sentences and the odd original photos but mainly a stock photo included and that’s about the effort involved. If that was how I wanted my features to look, my work would be as easy as just writing about a brand. That is not the voice I want. And that is definitely not the dull voice you hear in creative advertising like the LA ad agency, Zambezi.

It is not typical for me to feature a post on advertising and I do turn down a lot of topics that I don’t feel relates to my other posts. If ever there is a time to take a step off the straight path of the posts I write it is to talk about how I write. What better way than with an agency that also puts thought into a brand so that consumers not just know about it but connect and relate to it.

Let’s face it, when you think of brand advertising such as in commercials what comes to mind when asked about your favorite one you’ve seen? For me I think of all the Super Bowl commercials. Sometimes my favorite is an emotional commercial and other times they are witty and hilarious. These commercials are from brands spending millions and the message must stand out. It needs to stand out or you don’t remember them.


Zambezi actually works with some brands I am very familiar with and have even worked with. I have done a few features of Popchips. In my house we buy some of their working brands such as Vitamin Water and the Honest Company. Also, my husband and I travel to Las Vegas 1-2 times a year and I love roaming the Venetian-we try to stay in a different hotel each time we go and the Venetian is still on our bucket list. My husband works corporate for a major auto retailer so my house is all about Autotrader and Kelly BlueBook. Then I have a house of boys and 2 are the athletic boys-the third is a car geek. Because of the 2 athletic boys of mine we are very familiar with Adidas, Air Jordan and Beats by Dre. All of the brands I mentioned are creatively advertised by Zambezi.


Zambezi has a mission with their advertising and that is to bring extraordinary to culture. This agency was born from Kobe Bryant and was bought from him last year. With the new Los Angeles advertising agency,  Zambezi they remain strong and ever growing. It is quite a competitive field in marketing whether you are an agency or a Blogger so your voice-every word and every ad-needs to be extraordinary and not just informative alone.

As a Blogger I call my posts stories or features because I want to do more than just state a brand and tell you its contents. I want to help my readers relate to the product. For instance I did a feature for a health brand this year and I could have listed the products and where to by them, but I turned the post into a story about College care packages and included a printable college care package checklist. I am not the only Blogger to do this to a post, many also want go above and beyond. Zambezi has a mission to each brand that brings fun and engagement to the consumers and as a Blogger I have my own way of helping my readers engage and relate too. Standing out and being extraordinary is a desire for everyone and when a brand can do that for you, that is advertising at its best.

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Jessica Harlow

I completely agree with you! Making a brand accessible and interesting to families is what I hope to do. Featuring a product just for the simple advertisement doesn’t work for me or my blog either!

Elizabeth O.

We’ve never been valued by companies so much until everyone started to listen to bloggers and because of that it would be great to work with companies that will help our readers get quality items for their families through us. I think Zambesi sounds like an awesome company and I’m glad they’re working with brands that are trusted.


I love that idea of calling your posts stories/features. I also agree with you for not saying Yes to all the brands who approach us. We also have to think of our brand.

Nicole Escat

Wow, Zambesi sounds like full of talented individuals Great for them, I love the ads.