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New Year Planner from Tools4Wisdom

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New Year Planner from Tools4Wisdom

New Year Planner from Tools4Wisdom

Nothing says goodbye to another year better than seeing your new yearly planner arrive in the mail. This will be my 3rd year of keeping this blog organized with a Tools4Wisdom planner. I am a paper person so keeping organized on the computer is not something I think I will ever get used to along with the fear a glitch could erase it all. This is why I still use a planner and it becomes my work bible all year long.

day list planner

My Tools4Wisdom planners never warp, rip or fail on me. I have loaded papers, scribbled, crammed, traveled and had things spill on my planners and they are strong and always still functional for me. Last year I had thin, plastic cover planner and this year I went with the newer hardcover. They are available on their website and there are specials often, but you can pick one up on Amazon and have it delivered quickly as a Prime member. I ordered mine on my Amazon Prime account and it arrived to my door the next evening-that was better than 2-day shipping.

days planner

The planner openes up to a few pages about goals and some motivational tasks for you. each month thereafter includes a goal page, large-square calendar, daily notes pages and a re-cap and review of goals.

planner goals

Visit Tools4Wisom or order on Amazon-there are several cover choices to choose from.

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