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New Welch’s Fruit Roll Ups

I have partnered with Welch’s for this feature

New Welch's Fruit Roll Ups

The fruity taste of Welch’s snacks brings us new fruit roll ups. My 9 year old loves eating fruit roll ups and they are a fun change from the packs of fruit snacks I put in his lunch. We love variety and having options makes home lunches much less boring.

So, you do you roll (or unroll)? I found my son does the exact same as me. I unroll as I take bites, a bit at a time. There is plenty of fruit snack on this roll so you won’t feel shorted in the great tasting snack.

We love the flavors, tropical punch and white grape strawberry. I think the strawberry combination is my favorite. Like the Welch’s fruit snacks, the roll ups are gluten freepreservative free, feature 100% DV of Vitamin C and are a good source of Vitamins A & E.

Welch's Fruit Roll

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