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NEW Tide purclean™ bio-based detergent

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It’s a winner! The NEW Tide purclean Liquid
What makes Tide purclean a winner? It works and it works well. Not only is it effective in fighting tough stains, it now is a healthier formula for you and the planet. Here is how:
  • Made with 10% renewable wind power electricity
  • Made at a site that sends zero manufacturing waste to landfills
  • Free of dyes, chlorine, phosphates and optical brighteners
  • Contains water, plant derived surfactants, coconut derived from cleaning agent, plant derived processing aid, bio-derived enzymes, mineral-based enzyme stabilizer and pH adjuster
  • The first 65% USDA certified bio-based detergent with the cleaning power of Tide


When using Tide purclean™ for the first time, please keep the below tips for best results in mind!

    • Know What to Expect from Your Washer: purclean™ is formulated to be compatible with both HE and non-HE washing machines, however, this new formula may produce more suds than our HE turbo formulas.
    • Tweak the Temperature: purclean™ can be used in any water temperature, but is formulated to perform in cold water conditions to help further save energy.
    • Measure to Maximize: Not all loads of laundry are created equal! For small HE-loads or medium non-HE loads, fill the dosing cap to the first line. For medium HE-loads or large non-HE loads, fill to the third line. For full HE loads or extra-large non-HE loads, fill to the fifth line.
    • Put it to the Test: Tide purclean™ is formulated to best perform on dirty clothes, so don’t be afraid to really put it to the test.
    • Smell the (Subtler) Scent of Clean: Tide purclean™ has a light Honey Lavender Scent. The floral mélange of lavender, jasmine and orange flower thickened with amber woods is meant to be subtle, while still providing the cleaning power of Tide (Original Liquid Laundry Detergent).
    • Recycle for Reuse: purclean™ comes in a bottle that is 100% recyclable. You can help us continue to make strides towards sustainability by recycling your bottle when it becomes empty.


Find Tide purclean™ Liquid at retailers near you and on Amazon.

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