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New #Skylanders SuperChargers: Thrillipede and his Vehicle Buzz Wing

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New #Skylanders SuperChargers: Thrillipede and his Vehicle Buzz Wing
Just in time for the end of the school year for some summer play or good grades reward is the newest Skylanders SuperChargers character and vehicle. Meet Thrillipede and Buzz Wing. There is a story behind Thrillipede and how it came to be that Captain Flynn invited him to join the Skylanders. He is sure to bring some skill to the team.
Thrillipede served in the Millipede Military in the outer regions of Skylands. As the top pilot in his unit, Thrillipede was responsible for single-handedly blasting over 300 Greeble warships out of the sky!  When the Great Greeble War came to an end, he returned to his hometown of Flutter Bay as a celebrated hero.  He was the talk of the town and everyone wanted to shake the many hands of the famous young pilot.
Watch him in action when you pick him up and don’t forget his trusty sky vehicle, Buzz Wing. After all, a pilot needs his plane. You can find them now at Toys R Us and at many other retailers in June.

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