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New skin for the New Year with Gold Elements D’or Facial Cream

This is a promotional post for Gold Elements. All opinions are 100% my own

As I have hit my late 30’s, I have noticed skin changes. Not only do I have little grey hairs, my skin is just not as soft and seems to have lost its glow. I suppose I never really noticed the glow before, but I do notice it is missing. I have not been on any daily skin regimen and have been looking for the right moisture for my face. I live in the Pacific Northwest and this winter weather dries out our skin so bad. The product I am now using nightly has made a huge difference in the feel and look of my skin. Gold Elements D’or Facial Cream is just as the name says. It is a facial cream that is luxurious and uses real gold leaves in its process for a smoothness unlike I have ever felt with any product. I can’t stop touching my face at night when I apply the cream, it is so soft and smells great too!
Elements Spa’s line of Gold Elements skin products are made with constant innovations to bring you effective skin products created for your optimal beauty experience. Gold Elements has products for all of your skin needs from your face to your hands and nails. The gifts they offer would make any woman feel special and leave them with skin well nourished and vibrant.
The Gold Elements D’or Facial Cream has a few functions in one. It moisturizes very well and offers refreshing botanicals that assist in combating skin aging. It conditions and rebalances your skin leaving it so soft and healthy looking. This is not your typical mass merchandiser face cream of of the store shelf. This is made to be effective and bring benefits most creams cannot come close to offering.
Why gold?
Gold has been used for centuries to add glamour to our bodies. If you are going to create a cream that is luxurious and effective, you would want to use natural elements such as gold. Gold Elements has a unique manufacturing process that presses the gold leaves until a pliable tissue is formed. Tiny particles of gold then enter the skin’s top layer upon application of the products which leaves radiance and a healthy sheen. All skin types can endure these gold particles and when light reflects off of the skin, you get a shine that naturally minimizes the appearance of blemishes and fine lines.
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