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New release Free NFL Rush Game Day Heroes app

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If you and your family are football fans, this new app will be so much fun for you all. NFL and Jump Start have teamed up to bring 2 new football apps for this season. NFL Heroes and Rivals (coming soon) and NFL Rush Game Day Heroes. We are huge Seattle Seahawks fans and we have been having a blast with this new app. My son’s avatar is a Seahawks player and he can’t wait for others to join in and play him on these games. When there are no active games to join in on, practice mode allows you to play all the games solo.
The above is your main screen. You can get to the games and practice mode by clicking play now. The avatar you can dress and personalize is at the bottom. The tower gives you the real NFL game lineups coming up for the week. The trophy cup holds your points and rewards. Mudsling ansd water toss area holds your available tools you can use to slow your opponent down like throwing mud or water they have to ‘wipe’ off their screen to see. As you can see, our avatar is Seattle Seahawks so the next game stats is displayed on lower right corner. It is a kids version of a fun and interactive NFL game day app.
I love playing food flick above. It is harder than it looks as you fling food from the conveyer belt to the fans who request it before they get mad! There are 8 games and my 6 year old can easily navigate all but the Image Blast. Image Blast is the most advanced game as there are 4 team choices and it slowly reveals a team logo and you quickly have to match the correct team name. It would be for advanced readers. I love it! 
Play with connected friends or solo in practice mode and get into the football spirit. Check real game scores and schedules and your child will have fun playing these engaging games.
NFL Rush Game Day is available in iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and will be ready for Windows soon. Ages 6+ and is FREE!

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