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New Plant Based Dressings & Spreads From BetterBody Foods

New Plant Based Dressings & Spreads From BetterBody Foods
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Remember the days when eating clean meat you had to make it yourself? Grocery shelves were full of ‘shop the outside aisles only’ while everything down the aisles were ‘junk’, ‘heavy with unhealthy preservatives’. It is shifting now as brands recognize the cleaner ingredients we want as consumers. From the brand that brought us PB Fit there are sauces and plant based dressings for us called Plant Junkie from BetterBody Foods.

The name speaks for itself! Plant Junkie brings your sandwiches and salads some cleaner ingredients with flavors you’ll love. The dressings are great on veggies or salads and the spreads work great for burgers, wraps and sandwiches.

These plant-based condiments are 100% plant based, vegan-friendly and delicious. Plant Junkie is dairy, egg, soy, nut and gluten-free, making Plant Junkie the go-to options for those with food allergies. The dressings are made with avocado oil and vinaigrettes made with expeller-pressed canola oil.

I have been using the Chipolte Lime spread for tuna wraps and in tacos. Plant Junkie Spreads (a great alternative for Mayo) come in Canola Oil Spread & Dressing Chipotle Lime, Avocado Oil Spread & Dressing Chipotle Lime and then regular Canola Oil or Avocado Oil Spread & Dressing.

The Plant Junkie Dressings come in 4 flavors – Thai Peanut Vinaigrette, Chia Ranch, Turmeric & Pepper Ranch, Pomegranate Chili and all plant based!

Order your ‘better’ sauces today from Amazon.

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