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NEW One Stop Site For All The Daily Deals: Daily Deal Superstore

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Need to know who has a lunch special or which local shows are running a discount? Want to tour a city for the weekend and are on a budget? 

The Daily Deal Superstore is the “Kayak” of daily deal sites. The one stop website that hosts all the local and beyond deals in one spot

The Facebook App

Earn points (money) by buying and sharing deals with your friends. These points can be used for prizes and cash cards.
More ways to earn

Refer friends and forever earn on their purchases-just register 
Their friends refer friends and you earn on those too. Just share deals-link with your unique link code sent to you after you apply and share away!
Start here to register below, then head to the site-check out the list of cities on the upper right corner and start saving! 

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5 thoughts on “NEW One Stop Site For All The Daily Deals: Daily Deal Superstore”

  1. What an awesome looking app! I could definitely use something like this. Who has the time to sit and look up deals for all of the stores around you one-by-one? This app looks like it's great for making shopping and saving money much easier!

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