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New On-the-Go Games from Blue Orange Games

Last week my sister asked to take the nephews camping. She asked if any of the boys could bring games to the yurt they rented so they can have fun at night. My son was unable to attend the camping trip and my nephews went but said they don’t have games to bring. I always keep small card games around for camping and family fun. I guess we are at an era where most families may have electronics to pack but lack on small card games.

How is your game closet? Do you play card games anymore? Take them out this summer. Need new games to engage the kids? There are several new games from Blue Orange Games this summer and the two I am featuring are small and compact for travel.

Sherlock Express is a race to solve a mystery. What is the mystery? Find the accomplice of Sherlock’s enemy Moriarty. This is for ages 7+ and 2-6 players and has quick rounds.

Each turn, observe the 6 suspects, and as alibis get placed down on the table, use your deductive skills to expose the culprit first and win the round! If none of the suspects are guilty, then Sherlock will finally catch his sworn enemy Moriarty. Sherlock Express is a fast game of deduction where everyone is a suspect… until proven innocent!

Sherlock Express is available to order from Blue Orange Games and on Amazon.

This is a cute one! Beagle or Bagel sounds too simple, but there are actually 3 different games to play in one game box. Blue Orange Games saw the fun in the similarities between sleeping pups and bagels. The games is for ages 7+ and 2-6 players.

One simple way to play the game – flip cards fast and be the first to call out “Beagle” or “Bagel” depending on which one is showing the most on the table… after a while you won’t know if you are looking at a furry friend in a ball, or a yummy bread roll! 

Even the pups may want their turn too! Beagle or Bagel is available to order from Blue Orange Games or on Amazon.

To see all of the games for summer fun, visit Blue Orange Games.

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