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New Cold and Flu Remedies from Mucinex

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Have you been hit this season with that nasty cold that is lasting days to weeks? I had it for a good 8-10 days. My son had it right at Christmas. Mucinex has always been my go too even for my son. I am not saying that out of bias opinion at all, it truly is what breaks up that thick mucus that comes in the middle of the cold better than any brand I’ve tried.


Now Mucinex has some new options I am excited to try. OK-not excited to get another cold or sinus issues but in the next round I am excited there are new options. Mucinex Fast Max Congestion & Headache is so great when all that congestion is stuck in your sinuses and the pressure starts building giving you those pounding headaches. You get the decongestant and the cough suppressant for when the mucus thins and that post nasal drip starts.


Before the mucus comes we end up with some beginning symptoms that the cold is coming so as you start with that sore throat and low energy period and you are downing vitamin C like crazy, having sore throat relief is also necessary. Just imagine that sore throat stage and you swallow some Mucinex Clear and Cool syrup. This not only cools on the way down it also gives you headache, fever, cough, congestion and mucus relief. I can only imagine how soothing this is.


Now when the symptoms seem more sinus and allergy related and less head cold, there is another option from Mucinex now. The Mucinex Sinus-Max Severe Congestion Relief gives you that multi-symptom and pressure relief. It takes something a tad different than a standard decongestant when your symptoms are all sinus related and this should do the trick.

Make sure you pick up the Mucinex options on your next trip out because you will want them on hand an immediately available when symptoms start.

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