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New Mom Gift: Ozeri Turtlemeter for bathtime safety

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This is a product review for Ozeri

Great gift for new Moms and to have available for the babysitter

I am back with another Ozeri product and this time it is for kids! If there is one bath item every parent should have (well, besides a towel and soap), it is a bath thermometer. What may be warm to our adult skin can scold a baby or lower their body temperature too much. I love how this thermometer reads so fast. It was an instant reading!

We have all be there as parents and I think it is typical for us to error on the cooler side of warm when we suddenly see our child get those blue shivering lips and we jump into action to warm up that water! Perhaps you have it down pat! You may know exactly where that arrow on the bath water knob belongs to create the perfect temperature. That is great if you are the one giving the bath. What about your spouse or Grandparents and even the babysitter? Having a bath thermometer that doubles as a toy will ensure that your child is bathing at a safe temperature in the event you are not around. 

About the Ozeri Turtlemeter
  • Doubles as a bath toy
  • Checks bath water temperature every second
  • Easy to read LCD
  • Temperature reads in Fahrenheit
  • 3 screen colors: red=too hot, blue=too cold, green=just right
  • Floats naturally and reads instantly
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