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New Laundry Products to Tackle Your Odors

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I am excited to share some new products with you that tackle your odors and stains in the laundry room. When you think of healthy products for your family you try to stay away from harsh chemicals in the foods and beauty and bath products you buy. What about our laundry products? We stick our clothes in a tub of water for about an hour and they wash together, then they go into a dryer for another 30-40 minutes only for you to wear them again all day long. There will be residue in the process and it is important you use products made to kepp your skin safe from harsh ingredients.


all ® Fresh Clean Essentials

No more sulfate! Sulfates are very harsh on hair fibers and colors. Those with certain allergies and skin sensitivities find themselves needing to avoid sulfates in beauty and other products used on our skin and hair. Is is called the Essentials line because the detergent is made with essential and effective ingredients with the same deep clean. It comes in a fresh scent and fragrance-free variety. The ingredients are simple: sulfate free surfactants, whitening/brightening agents, polymers, natural enzyme, coconut fatty acid, glycerin, citric acid and buffering agents, protectant, fragrance (only in the fresh scent) and purified water. It is safe with HE units.


Snuggle ® Plus SuperFresh

The new Snuggle Plus SuperFresh fabric softener and dryer sheets does more than just mask odors like many other products do. It actually helps eliminate them and then releases freshness. It smells so good! You need to stop and smell the EverFresh scent. No other laundry brand uses this technology. It is safe in HE machines.


To learn more and find thee products for purchase near you visit and

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