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New Kleenex brand Disney Finding Dory tissues #BackToSchool2016

I was sent samples for feature

Do you have your supply list already? Chances are if you have elementary aged children then you are asked to provide a box or two of Kleenex. It is not on my son’s list this year and it wasn’t on his 2nd grade list this past year but I always include some anyways. Mainly because the tissue the school supplies is thick and coarse and my son hates that. When he has his allergies flare up I send his classroom a few boxes of Kleenex if he tells me they are back to the supplied stash.
I will also put the personal use packages in his backpack for him as well. I have always loved Kleenex for a comfortable tissue.


Now to make the nose blowing chase a bit easier, the kids can enjoy fun Dory designs on packages of Kleenex. Look for the Dory-themed Kleenex Tissues on select varieties: Kleenex Pocket Pack 3-pack tissues, Slim Wallet 2-pack tissues, Perfect-Fit 3 & 4-pack tissues, Everyday Upright tissue boxes and Everyday Upright 4 Bundle Pack tissue boxes.


Remember those little noses during your Back To School shopping and pick up some Kleenex for the classroom. You can find the Dory characters while supplies last through October 2016. Visit
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