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New iHealth Blood Pressure Bluetooth Monitor

This is a promotional post. I was sent product for review.

After spending years working as a Cardiology Surgery Scheduler, I know the importance and just how common it is to keep track of blood pressures on a daily basis is. We had patients who would drive into a local drugstore or to our clinic asking for a current vital reading. It is a struggle to get your vitals checked if you have to monitor them constantly. In the past you could buy a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope or a loud machine and attempt to get a reading but too many times the inaccuracy in those gave false readings and that becomes dangerous. With today’s technology it has become so much easier and less stressful to be able to record your vitals. 
iHealth has just released a first-of-its-kind blood pressure monitor that works wirelessly with a smartphone and shares blood pressure readings in the cloud. It is FDA-approved and costs less than many similar products with more features. You get free, unlimited storage of your blood pressure and heart rate. This makes that check up so much easier for patient and Doctor as you simply can show them your smartphone record by day, week and even month. It’s all stored and sharing with caregivers, clinics and family is easy to do and possible with this iHealth unit.
The best part is that this unit only costs $39.99.  This is such a relief to anyone who has to keep record of their vitals! I have been using this iHealth® Ease™ Blood Pressure Monitor (BP3L) so I can test it for all of you and I am highly impressed. I have seen many units and this is the easiest to use and still get excited knowing the price point for such a quality and reliable unit. This will be gifted to my parents because I trust it enough to allow them to check their vitals in the comfort of home instead of driving to the drugstore all of the time like they do now. 
iHealth® Ease™ Blood Pressure Monitor (BP3L) App Features
  • Measure Blood Pressure & Heart Rate
  • Shorter than average results
  • Comprehensive data charting-spot anomalies and identify trends
  • Create PDF reports of your data
  • Share data in cloud with caregivers via email or social media
  • Connect with a support network-others who share your medical condition
  • Other iHealth monitors work in sync within the app such as their body compensation, pulse oximeters, activity trackers to name a few for a total health tracker and chart
  • Secure HIPPA-compliant storage you can access anywhere at anytime
  • Contents: 1 blood pressure monitor, 1 adult-size cuff, Users manual, quick start guide and charging cable.
  • Compatible with iOS7+ and Android 4.0+, iPhone 5+, iPod Touch 5+, iPad 3+ and iPad Mini or Air

It is so easy to get started right out of the box! Simply plug the monitor to a device with the charging cable, download the iHealth My Vitals App on your smartphone, register and connect the device through bluetooth. Then follow the prompts to start the cuff inflation. The guide tells you the correct way to put the cuff on in either a sitting or laying down position with photos as a guide. You plug the cuff cord into the monitor and press start on your device once connected. Let it inflate and read and the data automatically stores.

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