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New Home Must-Have: GoodHangups

I was sent samples for feature

Did you catch The Today’s Show Next Big Thing last fall? The winner was Leslie with her GoodHangups product that sold out in minutes the next day on QVC. Why? Because it is so innovative and a must-have for every home. We are currently renting and I have not allowed the boys to hang posters because it involves residue, tapes that peel paint or holes from thumbtacks and I don’t want that hassle of patching walls when we move to a home of our own this summer. I find that I am not the only parent that cannot allow posters for this reason. 
I remember being a teenager and using artwork and celebrity posters as a way to express myself and make a statement in my room, so I feel bad telling my son I don’t want posters all over his room, but when you rent it is such a pain and the last time I tried a double tape-type solution it tore the paint off the wall. Now there are GoodHangups and my son has posters on his wall again! It is genius and I can use it for so many hangings around the house.
Letting a boy hang up his interests with GoodHangups…

GoodHangups is also so great for hanging artwork because changing out art is so easy. Because there is no tape or residue to stick to the art, you can simply pull off the magnet and change out the poster, card or artwork. It is also re-usable so when we move, I can take them with me to hang these up in his new room. You can get kits that hold large-size posters or smaller sizes like greeting cards. I can’t wait for the Holidays again so I can get creative with Holiday cards that arrive!
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