All New From Hi-Chew Fruity Candies

I have partnered with Hi-Chew for this feature


All New From Hi-Chew Fruity Candies

If there is one candy I have seen floating through this house with the boys the past few years it is that sweet, super chewy Hi-Chew Japanese candies. Our oldest son loves these so of course the younger boys have tried them and love them too. Now there are some new varieties of Hi-Chew candies I want to introduce you to.

Hi-Chew Sours are probably my favorite of the assortment. I love the Grapefruit but they also come in lemon and lime. They are not sour as in bitter but just an explosion of flavor as you chew. There are 7 pieces in each stick.


Our Hi-Chew Bites have been great for movie nights. We don’t have to listen to the boys unwrap each candy and they are easy to pop in your mouth and enjoy the flavors. They come in Mango & Orange as well as Grape & Strawberry. So each bag has 2 different flavors mixed.

Now they also have Hi-Chew Fizzies that come in Cola and Orange Soda flavors. I put these out for our BBQ in a dish and they were all gone by the end of the night. Our guests loved them. Whether you like the fizz, sour, bites or regular chews the flavors are amazing and they are available at most retailers. Keep these in mind for stocking stuffers too!

Fun story. In the year 1899 Taichiro Morinaga returns to Japan and starts selling his candy from a push cart. His candy becomes a hit so he opens his first store in Tokyo. IN 1918 his modern candy company becomes the first in Japan to produce chocolates. In 1956 Morinaga came up with the predecessor of today’s Hi-Chew, a tasty strawberry-flavored morsel that you could chew like gum called Chewlets. IN 1975 Chewlets returned as Hi-Chews and the rest is history except today they still produce and help give back in communities. This story is on their website with more detail and i thought it was a fascinating history of candy that began so long ago in a far way country.

Visit Hi-Chew to learn more and find some flavors to enjoy for yourself!

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