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New from PERK: Invisibly Fresh Vent Wrap

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This is a product review post on behalf of Smiley360 for PERK auto refresheners. I was provided product for this review, however all opinions are 100% my own

Be honest-do you have a car freshener hanging from your mirror? It sways all around as you drive! Do you like that? Perhaps you do, but if you are like me-I’d almost rather smell stale crackers before hanging anything from my mirror. I tried a way around that once and used a scent circle and put it on my shift handle. However, the oils literally melted the all around where it hung. It was the worst eye sore i could not stand and right in the center of my car. Wrecking yard part had to fix that issue!

Let’s play find the Perk! See it? Blends in pretty good, doesn’t it? It is very easy to install. If you do not like the intense new-freshener smell, here are some tips to help you out…
  1. Put the vent wrap in a ziploc unzipped and stash in your center console for 2-3 days so it is is slightly contained and initial odors are more gradually released.
  2. Put in in the car after you get home from last errand of the day and when you don’t plan on driving for another day or so. Out it on a vent closest to a window and crack that window.
About PERK Vent Wraps
  • Easy to use-no parts to click or put together
  • Fits any vent blade
  • Uses Stedi-Scent to regulate fragrance delivery
  • Scent protected inside soft, black protective cover to keep oils off your interior
  • Average scent wrap lasts over 2 weeks
  • Comes 4 to a pack and each one is individually wrapped-that’s 60 days of freshness per pack!
Want a coupon? Of course you do! Head to the PERK Vent Wrap savings page!

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Disclosure: I was provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own

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