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New Fun and Educational Games from Blue Orange Games

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In this house we are huge Blue Orange fans. We have educational games like the Super Genius learning cards and fun story-telling games like Tell Tales. I love educational games that are fun and engaging. Many times we have so much fun we forget we are learning in the moment. Games have been a family tradition since the oldest was young. In game play I really see how progressed the boys get. As they learn to read, our game options widen. Then as they learn more progressive math, we can jump again to different levels of play and challenge.


There are 10 new games from Blue Orange and more are coming real soon. I had the pleasure of digging into 2 of them, Gigamons and Top That. Gigamons combines the game of Memory with what feels like a little Pokemon. You are collecting Elemons and when you match 2 that starts you off on an evolve process and then at 3 of the same Elemon’s you collect, you summon a corresponding Gigamon. My son is 8 and enamored by this game.



Top That is a game of quick-thinking and strategy. A play is made on the same card by all players. Each player has the same tokens-hat, red and orange cups, coin and a rabbit. The card will show these tokens in color or some may be grey. The player to finish the card puzzle first wins. The tokens in color on the card must be visible in the stack and any grey tokens must be included but hidden (like under the cups or in the hat). This will surely enhance problem solving skills with speed as the main factor.


Visit Blue Orange Games and for the complete line of games. The newer games have the NEW logo attached.

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Elizabeth O.

I love games that make the kids think, it’s perfect for developing their critical thinking and logic! These games sound like a lot of fun especially during family nights at home! I’m sure the kids will enjoy playing these!

Nikki Wayne

I haven’t tried this game. Looks like a fun game for the whole family!

Jessica Harlow

Gigamons looks really cute and definitely makes me think of Pokemon a little. I think my girls would really love that one!

Christy Garrett

I love educational games. The kids usually don’t realize that they are learning something when they are playing a game.