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New Culturelle Kids Regularity Gentle-Go Formula

I was sent sample for feature

Now kids have a more gentle way to ensure proper intestinal health. Having a healthy gastrointestinal track means the good bacteria can do its job while the bad bacteria does not overwhelm the digestive system. Keeping the bacteria regulated is not only needed in adults, but kids too! Just think of the foods they tend to consume!
Summer is here and they will be snacking more often at home and traveling so they may eat out more. Having them on a probiotic is such a great daily supplement year round but especially at Holidays and summer. Now Culturelle has the kids flavorless Culturelle Kids Regularity Gentle-Go Formula. You can add these into any drink or food and they hardly know they are taking it. He asks if I have a packet in any drink I hand him because he can’t even tell there is a packet poured in unless it is a clear liquid and then some veggie fibers can be seen.
So far it has been very gentle for him, and he is supposed to be on a high fiber diet so I take care of extra fiber at the same time. It is gluten, dairy and sugar-free and safe as with all Culturelle products. Give the kids a healthier start to summer and provide them this gentle blend of fiber from vegetables and kiwi plus probiotics. Visit to learn more and even find coupons to print. Find this variety at most retailers near you.
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