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New Christmas Ideas from LeapFrog and the Epic Tablet

This is a promotional post. I am a LeapFrog Affiliate and am sent products for honest opinions.

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LeapFrog Toys
The gift of learning! We love games and toys, but the ones that teach our children are the most valuable to give. Whether you have a toddler learning to say the ABC’s or a 3rd grader learning multiplication and division, LeapFrog has toys and electronics that teach and help give the kids the extra practice they need within games they have fun playing. 
For the Younger Kids

There are 2 fun Leapfrog products that are such a hit. Probably the mot popular child toy my older son even had a blast with is the Number Lovin’ Oven. This learning toy teaches numbers in such a fun and engaging way. There are over 30 songs that help teach number skills as they play and they hardly know they are learning. They practice number recognition, cooking times, temperature, simple fractions. They can play with mixing up the toys to create about 16 ingredients with a lot of features such as baking bread, frying an egg, bake pizza and cupcakes an much more pretend play. Ages 2+

Another new and popular learning toy is the Leapfrog Scout’s Build & Discover Tool Set. Tools are still such a popular toddler toy and this set builds counting and measuring skills. There are 5 tools they can use to take Scout’s house apart and put it back together again. They are playing with skills such as counting, color matching and measuring. The tool is matched to bolts and screw details by color so they learn to choose the right tool for the job. Scout sings and talks open-ended questions and encouragements to them as they build and play. Ages 2+
For the Older kids

It is here!! I have one excited 7 year old because know he can pair his favorite LeapPad games with app games he enjoys from the web. It is Epictober as LeapFrog announces its newest tablet. The tablet is rated for ages 3-9 and grows with your child. What do they mean by ‘grows with your child’? It depends on their age, skill and readiness as they learn with tablet time. The younger child needs a more controlled environment with age appropriate games, songs and videos that you control in the parent mode App Manager. You install the games you ant them to have access to on their home screen. No ads or abilities to travel into the world wide web if you set it up that way.
The growing child may want some access to popular sites like PBS or Sprout and you can allow them to go into ONLY the sites you choose. They cannot navigate outside these sites and will never have ads show to them. Their world of tablet play opens up just a bit more.

The older child loves variety and to feel independent so allow them minimal access outside LeapFrog and coming soon you will be able to download from the Amazon App store. This means they get their favorite games on their child mode with the LeapFrog games they love and you set the parameters outside of the apps and sites you choose for them to have access to. Think of it as the first step to online freedom in a very controlled environment. Within the LeapPad App zone there are games, apps, books and videos that touch on over 2600 skills. 
Some other great LeapFrog Epic features are found on your child’s homes screen. Each profile you set up for each child has their own home screen that is interactive. At nighttime the ‘screen town’ turns to night and then day in the morning. They will play with various art styles and bring their town to life. Each new day they get a ‘surprise’ that allows them to addd to their town. The fun starts before they even enter their apps. Ages 3-9+

Visit LeapFrog Christmas Ideas for my other LeapFrog post with more products you’ll love!

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