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New Board Book for Toddlers – If I Were a Whale

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If I Were a Whale

by: Shelly Gill

There is nothing more engaging to a toddler than a book about living things-from sea creatures to animals and humans. Some of my son’s favorite books when he was that young had colorful illustrations of puppies, fish and babies. This is a brand new title in a board book for toddlers and kids, If I Were a Whale.


It is full of color, rhyming and fish fun. Visit whales from the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. The book offers a simple introduction on whale facts.

SHELLEY GILL was the fifth woman to complete the Iditarod race. When she’s not writing, Shelley travels to schools around the country where she covers a variety of topics–from whale watching to how she thinks up her writing ideas.

If I were a Whale is a Sasquatch Book Feature and also found on Amazon starting tomorrow. Pre-order now.

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