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Never Miss Important calls and Alerts with Ditto #HolidayGiftGuide

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Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Ditto Wearable


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How many times have you had a frustrated spouse trying to call you and you may not have been near your phone for a while and didn’t realize it? Ditto would have saved me this past year.  I was vacuuming and my phone was upstairs. Ironically, I had to stop to use the bathroom and my son was using the downstairs bathroom so I went upstairs and my phone was buzzing. I answer it to a frantic husband, “I have been calling you! I have been in an accident. I am fine, but the car is totaled and I am on the side of the freeway and need a ride!” My heart dropped. I was away from all connection and an emergency had happened. Thank goodness I was led upstairs in the right time.

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The Ditto wearable by Simple Matters works with iPhone and Android phones. You set important numbers and alerts and Ditto will vibrate strong enough for you to feel it. If you feel the vibration you know one of your top contacts is calling or texting you. This saves constant checking of your phone and ensures you know right away if you are being contacted.

Ditto device

It is small enough to fit anywhere-in a pocket, on a clothing strap or even around your wrist with the included wrist band it fits into. It is even waterproof so dunk yourself in the pool and you will still get those alerts. The water is one place your device cannot go, but Ditto can.

It works from 50-100 feet away from your phone. Ditto notifies you to calls, texts, emails, alarms, calendar updates, and even to a forgotten phone! The user friendly Ditto app allows you to customize exactly what notifications you receive while also filtering out unwanted distractions. It also connects with 60 apps for more customized alerts-sports scores, news, your buy/sell pages and more.

Ditto anywhere

Learn more at Ditto and get one for those on your list you think would love the gift of connecting with loved ones and more.

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