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Never lose a tupperware lid again with #DixieQuicktakes

This is a sponsored post on behalf of of Markerly

#DixieQuicktakes will clean up your tupperware shelf

Tupperware lids!! Is that a ‘bad word’ in your vocabulary? If you were to see my tupperware shelf, you would probably relate to the mess that is just unavoidable. Several times a year, I have to take all of my bowls and tupperware out of the cupboard and rearrange and sort on the floor to find a convenient way to shelve them. No matter how I arrange them all, they end up disconnected from their lids and tend to work a bit like the socks in the dryer scenario! I use a lid and container together, but inevitably both do not end up back in the cupboard together. I bring to you my review of Dixie Quicktakes!

We have enough to worry about such as meal prep and clean up, making lunches for the family, running errands, grocery shopping, cleaning house and to have to take precious moments away from our busy lives to find lids is so disturbing. I have even thrown every piece I have out before and bought new, assorted sized containers so that my entire set matched again, but somehow I still end up with random pieces that appear and I can never match any up the next time I need a few containers. It is the most tedious and never-ending task that no one enjoys dealing with. Who has the time or energy for lids?!!

That shelf below is thanking me and looking mighty organized! The dishes in the back can breath and see now! These Dixie Quicktakes are my cupboards new best friend and as for my old containers and lids? I’ll let those be the next owners problem!


Benefits of Dixie Quicktakes
  • Lids are attached
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher & Microwave safe or recycleable
  • Inexpensive enough to be tossed (or never returned back to you) after each use
  • One time use or multiple uses
  • Available only on Amazon and are Amazon PRIME eligible
  • 25 per box
  • Multiple uses-crafts, storage, food, etc.
With a 25 count box that sells on Amazon for around $11, I am getting a better bang for my buck. I have spent more than that for less and have that lost lid issue. I use these for so much more than food. We have them in the garage to keep nuts and bolts together. I use them under the bathroom sinks to hold lose first aid items. I have them in the homework cupboard to hold lose stickers or supplies. Whatever your need to keep items together and secure, 25 of these Quicktakes will help you out tremendously! 

Stop wrestling with your containers and keep those lids attached. 
Get your Dixie Quicktakes now at Amazon and save 25% now! 

What are you waiting for?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for on behalf of Markerly for Dixie Quicktakes. Any opinions are my own.
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