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Never forget to take our medications with the Medisafe App

I received compensation for my work on this campaign. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

It is safe to say that you or someone close to you has to manage multiple medications or supplements. Many times this is due to ongoing health conditions and other times the medication regimen may be temporary after a procedure or injury and will end. Whether you are managing a condition like diabetes or heart conditions or managing an infection or injury, taking the medications on time and staying close to alerts will ensure a fast recovery and more manageable conditions. Yet, almost anyone on medication regimens have forgotten a dose or maybe can’t remember if they already took a dose and are afraid to double up. The Medisafe app was created to help you stay on top of all of your medications.

My husband and I both just had Lasik surgery done and we both have an antibiotic drop, steroid drop and tears we are to use 4 times a day. It is hard to remember to take a drop 4 times a day and I am not sure, but I may have missed a dose the other day because I had a moment where I lost count and wondered if I took dose 3 mid afternoon or not so I skipped and waited until my nighttime dose afraid I’d double up on eye steroids. I now use the Medisafe app and have those drops registered under my current regimen. I get alerts when it is time to take them and I tell it when it is taken so I don’t have to try to guess ever again. It can even know my situation and alert me to notification tips and even medication discounts available to use to save on costly prescriptions. I only am using this regimen about 3 more days, but this is huge for those on long-term medication regimens. 
You can download the Medisafe app on your iPhone or Android. The history of Medisafe is that the app was created by two brothers who were trying to find a better way for their Dad to manage his diabetes. Too many are familiar with the frustrations of managing such conditions and illnesses. The Medisafe app is now used by over 2 million people and with stories like David Julian’s in the LA Times and Grace Hayes from the Medisafe Blog, this app is surely changing lives for the better and giving users better control as they manage medications for themselves or loved ones. 
Download the app to your phone today, set up a profile and never miss a dose again! Medisafe app on your iPhone or Android

I received compensation for my work on this campaign. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

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Jennifer Sutton

Nice app, and have you tried Appotek ( I’ve heard it combines all the needed features in one app and connects you with your doctor. Luckily, I don’t take any medicine, but I think my grandparents will like it.