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NestFresh Eggs are local and sustainable

This is a promotional post for NestFresh

For years, I was always buying the eggs that were on sale. Those store-brand, about $1 with coupon carton of eggs. I had been told that there are healthier eggs-I saw the commercials and had friends who have hens tell me it is better to eat a more fresh egg, however as often as we go through them I wanted cheap! Then I read an article (I cannot remember where) that had put a different perspective on buying eggs that I had never though about. The article discussed the foods we tend to eat most often and out of the list of everyday foods, eggs was listed as the food than when bought right can give added benefits you may otherwise need to supplement with vitamins. Fresh eggs raised right will naturally give you the benefits of added Omega-3 without additives that can harm your health such as hormones and GMO’s. This was true! I can use eggs to give my family Omega’s and up to 225mg! Nest Fresh has egg varieties to fit your protein needs from organic, Omega-3 rich, and cage-free for a better-raised hen.

My husband now only requests organic, Omega-3 rich eggs as these varieties taste so much better. My husbands breakfast is a yogurt and hard-boiled egg and I am now frowned at if I were to come home with the standard store variety. He is right-the taste is much better!
Nestfresh Eggs are a healthy choice

NestFresh brand takes pride in the quality of their products. They are based on Colorado and provide certified organic eggs that are from 100% cage free hens. You can also look for their Omega-3  eggs they offer. With over 40 years of service, you know you are getting a healthy egg for all of your recipes and meals.

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