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Need a Gift Idea? Over 20 Personalized Baby Boy Blankets under $35!

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With the holidays coming as well as fall and Winter Birthdays, baby showers and births it can be overwhelming to have to scan the computer or wander the store aisles trying to find the perfect gift for each event! It is pretty safe to say that we probably average about $35 or less on a special gift. If we tend to splurge at all, it is the most tempting on baby products! Who doesn’t like to shop for Baby? And for such a special occasion, the ability to personalize an item makes it that mush more special. has the softest and most quality blankets that you can personalize without breaking the budget!

Baby Boy Personalized Blankets
I spent some time browsing their Personalized Baby Boy Blanket section. As a Mom of boys, I can’t help but remember their ‘blankies’! My middle step-son was 6 when I came into the picture and he had ratty old blue blanket with the silk edges. Eventually just the silk edge was left-tied into a knot. When our youngest (my biological son) was born, he had a crochet blanket that was so soft and is still intact in his keepsake box. He now has a fleece Mario blanket that goes almost everywhere and he is 5! In all the gifts I got and after 3 baby showers, I do not have a blanket with his name on it and I look at these blankets and really wish someone had given me one. 
The first blanket above- Blanket w/ Satin trim resembles my stepsons ‘blankie’ he had! It would have been so special if his name was on it like this! I have always loved the Velour receiving blankets like the one in photo number two for their softness. This would be a choice for me if I can go back and re-do the ‘blankie’ for my 5 year old! These are 2 of about 21 personalized baby boy blankets offered and that run under $35! 
To see more blankets and to learn more, visit
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  1. Gifts not only make happiness for someone special, but also it helps to make relationships strong. I want to make my child happy always. So i used to buy gifts which will not only make them happy, but also it will help them to learn something.

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