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NatureZway cleaning products are Earth’s best friend

This is a promotional post for NatureZway. I was provided product. Opinions are my own

We use them everyday, cleaning products that inevitably create more waste in our landfills. They keep our homes clean and the environment a mess. I used to shop for cleaning products that were the cheapest or on sale, but then I ended up with cheap product that did not work. I’d buy paper towels based on price and have to use twice as many for them to be as effective as I needed so I was not saving any money. My rags would fall apart after a couple washes so I would need to buy more which also was not a money saver in the end. Then I started shopping for quality and found that most quality cleaning products were actually more environmentally-friendly. Not only am I willing to go out of my way for a better product, I love that I am not adding to the bad health of the environment. NatureZway uses bamboo in their products which is such a highly effective ingredient in cleaning supplies and is a sure way you are buying eco-friendly!
Benefits of Bamboo
  • Bamboo is renewable
  • Grows fast so very plentiful
  • Uses less water than trees
  • No need for pesticides to grow
  • Reduces soil erosion and greenhouse gasses
About NatureZway

NatureZway carries cleaning products, pet products, bath tissue and waste bags that are eco-friendly and use bamboo as a source and are also made from other renewable and sustainable materials. The value is great for these effective and safe products. They are also biodegradable so that means less harm in the long run. 
The products shown above are described below. They are very effective. I was wiping down my outdoor bench after the winter of sitting and I only went through 2 of the Bamboo Perforated Towels. You can feel the quality and with a sister who is house hunting, NatureZway will make a great housewarming gift!

Bamboo Perforated Towels – This cleaning dynamo feels and performs just like a cloth and can be thrown away like paper towel, but without the guilt! Plus, it’s more durable and absorbent for less towels per job and can be rinsed up to 100 times! No traditional paper towel can do that!
Bamboo Sponge – Wash any surface in the kitchen or bathroom without a scratch! This plant-based sponge and cover made of bamboo rayon is super strong, super long lasting and safe on all surfaces. When spent, just toss away without a thought. 
Bamboo Drying Cloth – Say hello to the next generation of kitchen cloth! This soft, non-scratch towel is super absorbent, lasts much longer and is more eco-friendly than traditional cotton and microfiber towels.

You can see all of the NatureZway products at These will be hitting stores soon, so be on the lookout!
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