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Natures Flavors Offers Quality, Natural Products for Your Home and Family

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I was recently sent a few products from Nature’s Flavors for review and am so thrilled I discovered them. I am not an overly earthy-type Mom, but I do believe that quality cannot come from added, unnecessary chemicals. To ingest or apply chemicals and additives of any kind has no benefit what so ever as far as I am concerned. Just think back a few generations-natural was all there was. We were healthier people for it also!

I used my box of Rainbow Pack Food Coloring at Easter. I wanted pastels so I actually added the food coloring to yellow frosting. What I love about these food colors is the packaging which is durable and labeled well including an insert on the inside lid  reminding you how safe you can feel using a product of quality and only natural ingredients. The colors came as Blue, Red Cherry, Green Honey, Orange Pumpkin & Yellow. These colors are vibrant and will dress up any dessert or drink recipe. Just look at what I got below adding the colors to my yellow frosting…

 I was also sent a bottle of Nature’s Flavors Organic Mouthwash for kids in Organic Cherry. My son had no complaints. I floss and brush his teeth, but at 4 I had not introduced mouthwash for him. He caught on to swish-don’t swallow-spit! I wondered if the strong taste that is inevitable in all mouthwashes would startle him, but he didn’t seemed bothered at all by it. The mouthwash also comes in Bubble Gum flavor and is alcohol-free, naturally colored and sweetened with Sweetenol- a Stevia blend. Again-mouthwash on another level of healthy!
About Nature’s Flavors
  • They have been creating Natural products for over 25 years
  • They offer more than 8,000 Natural & Organic products
  • Offer Culinary products, food, supplements and more!
  • Besides products, you can read the history of flavors and some education on origins of natural products and oils on their website
  •  Located in the US-Orange County, Ca. and using elements from all over this continent
A special thanks to It’s A Glam Thing for providing me these products for review.

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