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Natural Ways to Care for Your Baby’s Skin

Baby's skin

Natural Ways to Care for Your Baby’s Skin
Once you get your newborn home, you’re left alone to figure out the best way to care for them. It’s your job as a parent to care for them, and make sure they’re kept safe and healthy. This can be overwhelming and, with lots of conflicting information online, it can be difficult to know where to turn for advice. When caring for your newborn baby’s skin, there are many great ways to ensure they’re kept comfortable and hygienic, without using toxic chemicals or unnatural materials. Here are six ways to get started:
Remember, Less is More.
When it comes to your baby’s skin, it’s important to remember that less is more. The fewer lotions and creams you can use, the better. In most cases, they’re unnecessary, and may lead to skin conditions or eczema. Your newborn’s skin is especially sensitive, and it doesn’t need much to stay in good condition. Many lotions can dry out the skin, so only use them when it’s absolutely necessary.
Choose Organic Baby Clothing and Bedding
Where possible, you should always use organic clothing and bedding for your baby. Not only does this keep the number of toxic chemicals to a minimum, but it also ensures your baby is wearing soft materials that will be kinder to their skin, such as organic cotton. Many manmade materials are not suitable to be used on young skin.
You should also take care when choosing bedding for your baby, and spend some time considering the type of bed sheets you’re going to use.
Use Natural Products to Wash Clothing Before the First Wear
Before your baby wears clothing for the first time, you should always ensure they have been washed to remove any residues left over from the manufacturing process. When you do this, use natural detergents that have been certified as safe for use with infants and young children.
Don’t Bathe Your Baby Too Frequently
Whilst it’s important to keep your baby clean, it’s important not to bathe them too frequently, as this can dry out their young skin. Giving your baby a bath a few times per week is more than sufficient, cleaning where necessary between baths.
When bath time comes around, it’s important to ensure you only use natural products certified as safe for baby’s skin. In fact, in many cases, water is adequate to clean your baby’s skin, so try to avoid using unnecessary products.
Shade Your Baby from the Sun
Whenever you leave the house, make sure your baby has adequate protection from the sun. Young skin is particularly sensitive to the sun’s harmful rays, so provide them with shade at all times.
Make Your Own Baby Oil
Baby oil can be a great way to keep your baby’s skin clean and well moisturised, but traditional baby oil is petroleum based, which is unnatural and therefore unsuitable to be used on your baby’s delicate skin.

Instead, you can make your own at home. Use natural oils, such as coconut oil or avocado oil, to protect and soften your baby’s skin. If you like, you can also add a little lavender oil, to benefit from the fantastic scent and antibacterial properties. 

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