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Natural Remedies for colds with Maty’s Healthy Products

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Natural cold frelief
I have been on a hunt to replace some common products I use everyday with more natural brands that use oils or other all natural ingredients as opposed to unnatural additives and chemicals. I have become a huge user of essential oils and have seen nothing but positive results from the family using these. When I can find brands that care about ingredients my family use as much as I do, I become an instant fan. Cold and flu products were on my list of brands to research so I can begin using more natural products when Maty’s Healthy Products were brought to my attention. I was excited to give some of their products a try and we love them!

Maty’s is committed to providing us now and in the near future with everyday, all-natural remedies from colds to indigestion. I have sampled the cough syrups and chest rubs so let me tell you of all the benefits of Maty’s besides the obvious symptom relief. There is so much behind the ingredients they use for an overall wellness.
What is in Maty’s Cough syrup?

The same ingredients are in the children’s versus adult cough medicine for the most part, only the children’s may have a tad difference in dosing and the box label is more appealing to kids. It is made with an Olive Oil carrier and Buckwheat Honey which over any other honey, has the most antioxidants. They also pack in immune boosting ingredients: more honey blends of clover and wildflower, cinnamon for healthy breathing, apple cider vinegar for healthy mucous flow, cayenne pepper which aids in circulation, sea salt to neutralize toxins in the body, lemon balm for calm and lemon peel, clove and marjoram for more natural antioxidant. This is truly an overall safe and effective immune support and relief that you can give your family and worry-free.

What is in Maty’s Chest Rubs?

There is a Baby Chest Rub for infants under 2 and for kids over 2 and adults the standard chest rub is what to use. They are both petroleum, paraben and chemical free and the adult version is made with a Eucalyptus, Wintergreen and Peppermint base. The infant chest rub is made with Coconut Oil, Lavender and Chamomile. Maty’s Vapor Rub is the #1 selling natural vapor rub and is the natural alternative to Vicks. 
You can find Maty’s Healthy Products at major retailers like CVS, Bed Bath and Beyond, Raley’s, Shop Rite and other drug stores including online at and Amazon. Learn more by visiting

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