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Natural Product: PARA’KITO Mosquito Repellent

I was sent samples for feature

Is this a familiar summer scene for you above? That is my son at soccer camp last year. Our summers are full of family camping trips, lake swims and sports camps. I have always been stuck with a dilemma and that is to protect ourselves from those persistent mosquitos in a way that is is not leaving chemicals and harmful ingredients on our skin and clothes. I refuse to use over half of the products on the market for insects because of the ingredients in them. 

This year I taught myself a lot about essential oils. I now make my own dryer sheets and have made my own laundry soap and wondered if I can make some skin products. It takes time and a lot of oils. With PARA’KITO, I can get those essential oils in ready-to-use products that are safe and natural. I am so excited to have these for the summer!

Finally a mosquito repellent I feel safe using on my family. It is a unique blend of essential oils with a slow release form so this works wet or dry and once you open a refill it protects for 2 weeks. I can use the roll on, bands or clips on even my youngest son. Made with natural essential oils I don’t have to fear that we have too much on or that we’ll be left with a horrible scent on ourselves. It is gentle and with the exception of the roll-on for under 6 months old or taking care not to allow a baby/toddler to get ahold of these in a way to chew or put in their mouths you can use these on the very youngest of family members. It’s as safe as any essential oil product you would normally use.
These mosquito diseases are a bit scary and are making the news lately. Great for expecting women, PARA’KITO is safe during pregnancy. 
The band can be worn on the wrist or ankle, the roll-on can be quickly applied to the neck, arm and legs and the clip can attach to a backpack or swim bag to protect you in your near surroundings. In highly infested areas, wearing the band and having the clip on you is a great way to allow for added protection. Visit to learn more!

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